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New generation OKANO FA-931V makes program generation and data analysis on PC easy.
The circuit board is the foundation of virtually all electronics systems. Today's high technology has made possible the design of more complex electronic circuits on denser printed circuit boards. Repairs and reworks are time consuming, costly and can have a serious impact on productivity and profitability.
To analyse these assembled PCBs, OKANO introduces a new generation In-Circuit Tester, thee PC-based OKANO FA-931V.
The OKANO FA-931V quickly detects board assembly faults such as missing components, short/open traces, solder bridges and improperly inserted components. It accurately measures resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors.






PC-Based Tester

To enhance ease of file manipulation and improve supporting software compatibility, OKANO FA-931V employs PC based testing concept, running on MS-DOS 5.0 and above.
The FA-931V system software is very powerful and easily transportable between any IBM compatible PCs to allow off-line program editing.


HP TestJet Test Coverage

√  Digital ICs
√  Analog / mixed-signal Ics
√  Through hole
√  SMT => S014 (plastic, ceramic)
√  PGA (w / o ground plane)
√  Heat sinks (not ground)
√  Top-and bottom-side devices
√  Connectors, sockets, switches
√  Polarized capacitors (requires HP Polarity Check upgrade)


Press Down Unit

Side covers and top-bellow are provided to ensure operator's safety during board handling. Also supports Dual Press Control which is capable of testing 2 different PCB models consecutively.
This allows for production flexibility and increases efficiency.


Phase Separation Capabilities

Individual component of parallel circuits consisting of resistors, capacitors and inductors can be measured by employing a phase demodulation technique to separate the reactive, capacitive and inductive component.


Reliable Relay & Measurement Cards

OKANO uses specially tested contact relays (burn-in-tests) for relay card and reed relays for measurement cards to ensure more reliable and accurate results.


On-Line Help System

Self explanatory details on all functions incorporated in system software which can be called up anytime by pressing Alt+H.


Password Protection

A programmable password is needed for technician/engineer entry level into software so as to prevent unauthorized modification to program test data.


Management Data

Classified under Every Group, Kind of Fails and Every Step.
Information on quantity of boards tested, test yield, throughput (test time/board), component type breakdown to detailed component failures are collected and can be printed out for management references.


Auto Charge Test Generation

Safety feature which automatically programs detection of built up voltage for capacitors above 100 uF.


Stray Capacitance Cancellation

Capacitance between relays and probes is automatically eliminated from the measurement and offset to ensure a more accurate measurement.


Group Testing

Capable of handling and testing up to 16 groups.


Step Auto Guarding

Auto select separate point when program editing & debugging, to get more stable, correctly test value.


Automatic Discharge Function

When program is carry out, there are function of auto voltage detect and auto discharge to improve the accuracy of testing and protect the relay board been damaged.


More Test Pin

New FA-931V expand the test pin to 4096 pins, advance to test more information relate products which need high pin to test.


Testing Resistance Lower Than 1 ohm

When test the resistance lower than 1ohm, auto deduct the contact resistance (Ro)
It can test low resistance, and test correctly, stable.Relay board check and DC/AC Measurement card check available to help isolate and identify system failures.


Specification Subject To ChangesWithout Notice.

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