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Solder structure is interfered if it contains air bubbles that cannot be seen from the outside. This will cause the thin wall to collapse during printing process. In addition, the tensile force will cause open circuit during reflow soldering. This is especially critical on high density PCB.

If solder paste is agitated over violently, the rate of temperature rise will be too fast thus causing oxidization and solder joint quality will decrease. Hence, mixing speed should not be so quick that mixing quality is compromised. Violent mixing method is not suitable for solder paste and only gentle and smooth mixing method can achieve best mixing result.












Horizontal Mounting of Solder Paste Container during Mixing

Solder paste container lies horizontally in the rotating mechanism will cause solder paste in the container vigorous mixing. Solder paste temperature will rise quickly and cause solder paste to oxidize. Tin ball granule structure will be damaged on impact and air is also drawn in the solder paste during rotation. It causes solder paste to collapse during printing and will cause open circuit and cold solder during reflow soldering.


G-5000A Adopts 45 Degree Mounting of Solder Paste Container

G-5000A Mixing system makes use of interaction of centrifugal force created by revolution and the force created by the 45 degree angle between the main axis and the rotation axis. These forces cause the solder paste in the top of the container to press downward continuously while the solder paste in the bottom part of the container to move upward circumferentially. This cause a cyclone like mixing action and will mix the solder paste to suitable viscosity gently. Generally, mixer with de-bubble function must turn off rotation and only makes use of centrifugal force of revolution to produce de-bubble result. G-5000A adopts same direction of revolution and rotation and applies centrifugal spin to expel air to the top. This will not draw air into solder paste and produce high quality mixing result.


Why is G-5000A most suitable for lead-free and high density PCBA

As the G-5000A adopts gentle and equal mixing method, the mixed solder paste has the following properties :-

- Good Moistening Feature

- Equal Dispersion Feature

- Excellent Printing Result

- Best Pro-Reflow Feature during Reflow Soldering

- Will not draw Air Bubble.


User Friendly Operation

Loading of solder paste container is done without the use of tool. It is convenient to automatically slide into position. 3 Types of time mode can be set based on actual operation requirements by simple and easy steps. User operates with peace of mind as buzzer sounds upon completion of mixing.


Realization of 45 Degree Equal Quality Mixing

Adopting innovative revolution and rotation mixing method, the angle between rotation axis and main axis is designed at 45 degree. The centrifugal force creates a cyclone effect resulting a uniformly mixed the solder paste.


High Quality Mixing Result

Gentle mixing and standardized operation assures the mixing quality. Tin-ball structure and shape can be maintained. Solder Paste won't be oxidized by mixing. Same directional pressurized mixing causes air to expel up to the top during mixing and won't be drawn into the solder paste


100% Safety

Equipped with rotation, vibration and upper cover sensors etc., safety devices to ensure safe operation, Motor auto-stop function activates when overload (>2 sec) occurs, prolonging usage life. Upper cover auto-lock function during operation ensures user safety.





AC 110V 60Hz / AC 220V 50Hz

Mixing Capability

500g x 2 (1 side mixing need to add counter weight)

Revolution Speed

About 400 revolutions (little variation depending on load and power)

Rotation Speed

About 200 rotations (little variation depending on load and power)

Appearance Size

440 H x 420 W x 450 D mm


40 Kg

Mixing Time

Free to choose from below (Can adjust to actual user's actual process):- Standard Time (1)
Standard Time (2)
Manual Setup: 0'00"~59'55" (can record last setup time)

Balance Capability

Both sides difference less than 100g


Following Sizes are outer diameter of containers :-
Large: 65~66.5 mm (Kester ...)
Medium: 59~62 mm (Tamura, Nihon Handa, Union Soltek ...)
Small: 53~62 mm (Indalloy ...)
Special Spec.: Please Contact Us.

Rotation Principle

Revolution & Rotation

Mixing Method

Same Direction of Revolution and Rotation (Patent)

Mixing Action

Cyclone Type (more Gentle)

Mixing Quantity

500g x 2

Solder Paste Container Setup

45 Degree

Solder Paste Container Fixing Method

Roller Type Universal Fixture and Set in 1 sec (Patent)
Original Solder Paste Container can be used.

Mixing Time Setting

Standard Time (1) Operation Mode
Standard Time (2) Operation Mode
Manual Mode
Memory Function (can memorize last setup time of manual mode)

Range of Set-Up Time

0'0" - 59':55"

Mixing Quality


Solder Paste Temperature Rising Rate


Solder Paste Not Sticking to Cover after Mixing


Tin Ball Oxidization


Structure Balance Design

Equipped with 9 Rubber Vibration-Proof Gaskets to control Vibration and Can Tolerate +/1 100g unbalance Operation

Safety Design

100% Safety Protection

Auto Door Lock


Vibration Sensed Auto Stop


Motor Overload Auto Stop (>2 sec.)



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