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Refurbish & Upgrading Of Okano / Shindenshi ICT / MDA Machines


As technology advances, new machines models have been developed to replace the older machine models. Older machine spare parts becomes obsolete and when the machine breaks down and the parts becomes unrepairable.

We are providing the customer the option to upgrade the older machine to the latest models. With the experience our Engineers have from 1st generation ICT to the latest models, our Engineers have the knowledge and experience to meet the customer's requirements.


Following Models can be upgraded to latest Windows XP Base Model.

√ OIT-510Zseries , OIT-710Z, OIT-5100 ( Non Dos OS ).

√ FA931, FA931V, FA931K, ZPC1000, ZPC1500 ( Dos Base OS ).

√ Shindenshi ESI-102, ESI-202 ( Dos Base OS ).


Machine Refurbish Service

√ Machine parts strip to skeleton for power coating.

√ Appearance 99% looks like new after refurbished.

√ Value for money.



Before Machine's Condition

After Refurbished and Upgrading



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